A LIFE-affirming photographic exhibition featuring iconic screen dance scenes reimagined by deaf and disabled people has gone on display.

The show - 11 Million Reasons To Dance - has gone on show at the Gala Theatre.

Photographer Sean Goldthorpe: “I hope people will look at these images and smile, sense what a great time we all had making them and see disabled people in a new and refreshing light.

"During the shoots I was just very focused on making sure everything was technically right.

"It wasn’t till afterwards that it really dawned on me just how much the project meant to the dancers, how much they were thrilled to be portrayed as genuine artists – I found that deeply moving”

The exhibition is open every day throughout March from 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 2pm to 10pm on Sundays.

Martin Wilson, Director of Tin Arts “11 Million Reasons is an important exhibition that questions all of our perceptions of the capabilities or expectations of deaf, sight-impaired and disabled people who love to dance".