A UNIVERSITY student will cycle the length of the Zambezi River to raise money for charity.

Lewis Wright and fellow Durham University students, Nicole Rodriguez, Holly Jackman, Jess Bradshaw and Robert Bolwell, will hold fundraising events over the coming weeks for the Ideals Sport In Action project.

The 18-year-old will be travelling to Zambia over the summer from June through to July. He said: “Each group will travel for six weeks and be coaching sports and leading other recreational activities with young people. We will also be educating young people on HIV and other health concerns that remain prevalent in Africa.”

The Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity student first heard about the project during his first week of university

He said: “I got involved in the project because, although I have been exposed to images and different pieces of information that highlight what it is like to live in Africa, I know from my visit to Israel over July and August that hearing is not the same as seeing something for yourself.

“Although I have not been blessed with as much as some people financially, I am fully aware that the opportunity I have is far greater than anything these children and families have in Lusaka and across Zambia and Africa.”

As well as selling cookies to students and locals outside of nightclubs to help raise money, the group are also planning a local community cycle of 2,574 km, the equivalent of the Zambezi River on exercise bikes.