A LANDLORD has been given retrospective planning permission for an extension which was built 50cm too high despite objections by the city’s MP, local councillors and more than 30 residents living nearby.

The application had been made by Simon Atkinson for a property in Nevilledale Terrace, Durham, which is with the city’s conservation area.

Council officers granted Mr Atkinson planning permission for a 4m high extension in 2015 but it was built to 4.5m.

Concerns were also raised over the type of bricks used for the development, with objectors saying something more sympathetic to the conservation area should have been used.

Nick Rippon, speaking on behalf of Durham City MP Roberta Blackman-Woods, said: “Any development in this historic area needs to be done sensitively.

“Approving this scheme will set a dangerous precedent.”

Cllr Patrick Conway said: “Had this application been brought before me I would be very sceptical about approving it.

“If we say we are going back to the approved scheme I’m wondering what can be gained.”

Planners have agreed an amended proposal which will reduce the overall height to 4m, though the walls are 25cm higher than the original proposal.