THE pace and drama of world events this Easter has formed the basis of a poignant sermon by the Bishop of Durham.

The Right Reverend Paul Butler referred to news of the ongoing Syrian crisis, as well as the risk of nuclear war between the United States and North Korea.

He said they were “news headlines I hoped never to see or hear again in my lifetime”.

Bishop Paul said: “The tragedy of Syria has filled our news for the past five years and the horrors simply do not stop; the latest killing of people being evacuated to safety is yet one more terror. We must beware of becoming inured from this suffering.”

The Bishop said the failed launch of a missile by North Korea perhaps offered a mini glimmer of hope to people around the world praying for peace.

He said: “Let us be clear, nuclear war is essentially madness.

“There can only be horrific consequences for huge numbers of people, and potentially for the planet.

“We have to cry out to the God who holds all history in his hands for human pride and foolishness to be restrained.

“We must pray that the wellbeing of the planet and of the poor will be held as more important than the powerful confronting one another.”