A MURDER mystery night inspired by the Bard will staged at Durham Cathedral’s Undercroft Restaurant.

Murder maestros Highly Suspect will put on their interactive mystery event Et Tu Shakespeare? at 7pm on Friday, May 19.

The company’s murderer-in-chief Michael Spencer said: “Some 400 years after Shakespeare's death it seems the Great Bard may still have secrets to share.

“Rumours have spread that a previously unknown and unpublished play has been discovered in the catacombs beneath Durham Cathedral. A sequel, no less -Lots To Do About Something.

“However, mere hours before the manuscript can be authenticated, lo and behold, renowned Shakespearian scholar Professor Oliver Worldsastage is found dead.

“Stabbed 22 times in the back he is found beside a final message written in the victim’s own blood. But is the play the thing, or did someone have other sinister reasons to want the Professor to shuffle off this mortal coil?”

The Suspects are Toby Ornottobe, Romeo Whereforartthou, Alice Pooryorick and Mike Ingdomforahorse.

Mr Spencer said: “It is a highly interactive experience wherein the audience all get to play sleuth and try and track down the brutal killer of the poor professor.

“They will watch suspects interact with each other, they are given evidence packs in which they have to work out a mysterious riddle that has been written in the victim’s blood.”

Members of the audience will also get samples from the elusive script to the play which is filled with clues.

And it all ends with the interrogation, with every participating team getting a chance to cross-examine each of the suspects.

Mr Spencer said: “Murder mysteries are intrinsically silly, but there is a proper whodunit mystery at the heart of every single one of these, which will keep even the most hardened sleuth guessing until the very end.”

Tickets £35 per person, including meal and drinks reception (to be purchased in advance. No refunds will be given).

For further information and to purchase tickets please contact events@durhamcathedral.co.uk or 0191 386 4266.