A HUSBAND and wife who have been married for almost 60 years have had their first dinner together in more than a year following the delivery of a new wheelchair.

Eileen and John Matthews, who are both residents at Melbury Court Care Home, in Durham, have been unable to share meals because Mr Matthews has been bed bound.

But after taking delivery of a new wheelchair, the couple, who lived in Bournmoor and Chester-le-Street before moving to Melbury Court two years ago, were able to eat together after staff at the home set up a table in a quiet lounge.

Mrs Matthews, who hopes they will now be able to go to the seaside or out to a restaurant together, said: “It was so lovely to have a meal together again after such a long time.”

The couple, who are originally from Derbyshire and have three children, met at Mrs Matthew’s 21st birthday party and have been married since 1960.

Mr Matthews worked in a brewery in Burton on Trent before moving with his family to the North-East.

Both were taken poorly two years ago, when they moved into the home. Mr Matthews is looked after in the nursing unit, while his wife lives in the Grace unit.