A FORMER doorman has spoken of the trauma suffered after he tried to assist a female store worker ushering an unstable knife-carrying man from the premises.

The innocent customer, who requires the use of a walking stick, said he recoiled at the sight of the knife carried by Jonathon Gerard Falashie, in Sainsbury’s Local, in Brandon, on Friday February 9.

A former door supervisor, he said seeing Falashie with the knife brought flashbacks of an attack on himself with a bladed article by a man refused entry to a nightclub.

Giving an impact statement over the Sainsbury’s incident, the ex-bouncer said: “In the attack, back in 1988, someone tried to slit my throat and it could have cost me my life. I was lucky to be only left with scarring.

“When I saw the knife carried by the man at Sainsbury’s, it brought it all back after all those years.”

He said he sought counselling and takes medication following the incident.

Concern mounted among shoppers and staff at the Grove Road premises as Falashie was seen wandering round the aisles carrying the knife.

He eventually left the premises and was later found by police at his mother’s home, at White Cedars, Brandon, lying asleep alongside a knife.

The defendant, 49, previously of Prestwich, in Manchester, denied affray and possessing a bladed article.

But, after hearing the evidence of three witnesses at his Durham Crown Court trial, in July, Falashie changed his pleas and admitted the offences.

Appearing at the scheduled sentencing hearing, via video link from Durham Prison, Falashie was unrepresented.

Judge Jonathan Carroll said he did not want to pass sentence on a defendant who had no representation in such a case without the assistance of a psychiatric assessment.

He said the court should commission its own psychiatric report, to be followed by a background probation assessment on the defendant, prior to the new sentencing hearing, on Friday October 26. Falashie was remanded to remain in custody in the intervening period.