NEGLECTED Northern traditions celebrating the dead will be resurrected this week for an event featuring song, dance, drama and costume.

Souls of the North, a production about traditional music and theatre in the North, is being put on in Durham on Wednesday.

Viewers will come face to face with a cast of deathly character, including Beelzebub, a Quack Doctor, a Black Knight and a skull-headed wild horse at the performance, which takes place in the concert hall in Palace Green.

The production draws on the work done for an international research project at Durham University, which has been looking at records of early English drama in the North East and will present now-neglected traditions from the North of England and Scotland that imagine or challenge death, celebrate the dead, and were once popular in the region before the advent of modern and commercialised Halloween.

The production will be directed by Lieven Baert and is aimed at helping researchers better understand the methods and practice of early drama and festivities. It starts at 7.30pm.

Tickets are free but as places are limited people are advised to reserve them by visiting